grade 3
  • 2022-2023 Grade 3 Supply List

    Below is a list of items we would like all third graders to have at the start of school. Please check the bottom of the list for any specific items your third grader’s individual teacher may request for her classroom! 

    2-12 pks TICONDEROGA pencils - pre sharpened if possible
    1 Hand held pencil sharpener (with cover to catch shavings)
    1 box of 12 colored pencils
    1 box of crayons 
    1 pack of 10 markers
    8 EXPO dry erase markers fine-black
    1 eraser for dry erase board (a clean old sock works great!)
    1 pair of scissors
    1 Small headphones or earbuds for laptop usage (Inexpensive)
    2 highlighters
    pencil cap erasers
    A smock for art class - please label with your name
    2 pack glue sticks
    3x3 sticky notes - 3 pack
    1~ 3 ring binder with 3 tabs - 1 inch size


    * Soft pencil container (large enough for pencils, colored pencils, expo markers and crayons)
    * 1 plastic ruler (either 6in with centimeters or 12 inch with centimeters)
    * 1 plastic 2-pocket folder - labeled with your name                        


    *shoe box-sized plastic container with lid to hold supplies
    *composition notebook
    * 1 plastic 2-pocket folder - labeled with your name


    * 1~ 5 or 7 pocket letter size expanding file organizer (we will organize the pockets in school)
    * 1 soft pencil case 
    * 2 two-pocket folders - labeled with your name 
    * 1 notebook/composition book