grade 4

Welcome to Grade 4!

  • July 2022

    Dear Fourth Graders and Families,

    We are so excited about beginning our fourth-grade journey together! We hope you have been enjoying your summer vacation and come September, are rested and ready for a year of fun and learning. This summer, we’ve been keeping busy spending time with family and friends, as well as spending lots of time outdoors.

    Below, you can find a list of supplies needed for the year. In our fourth-grade classroom, we have tables instead of desks so storage can be challenging. It's really important that you only bring the supplies on the list. If you are having trouble locating some of the supplies, just let your classroom teacher know and we will figure it out together!

    Also, if you could please complete your Class Survey below, we’d really appreciate it. 




  •          2022-2023 Supplies

    • Headphones/earbuds
    • Pre-sharpened pencils
    • 1 small hand sharpener
    • Sticky Notes
    • 1-3 hole punch pencil case 
    • 1 small box of colored pencils or crayons
    • dry erase markers
    • 2-1" binder
    • 1 - 3 hole punch plastic pocket folder 
    • Mouse (optional)