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  • Good Neighbor Rule: If a Cape Ann League school or bordering public school district cannot use their field/court due to construction or if their facility does not meet MIAA playoff standards, those instances would fall under Tier A   
  • No Cost if profits are returned to the program (e.g. Coach is not taking a salary), otherwise see Tier B
  • Custodial costs for A Groups are not incurred if the events are happening during the custodian's regular working hours. Anyime outside of the regular custodial hours is, per contract, a 3 hour minimum.
  • Event Administration - In order for a Group A organization to avoid an Event Administrator fee, they must meet with the Executive Director of Operations and be trained on expectations for the use of the facility. If those expectations are not met when the group uses the facility, that group, moving forward, will be required to pay for the Event Administrator. Some facilities, (e.g. the Stadium) will require an Event Administrator at their first event.
  • The Executive Director of Operations has full discretion in evaluating the needs of a group, their category of fees, and is the deciding entity on facilty use and cost.
  • Blended Teams/Groups - If teams/groups are comprised of less than half players from outside of PRSD, that team will be charged a fee that may be a blend of the categories (e.g. 50% students from PRSD, 50% from outside, the fee will be a 50/50 blend of category A/B). However, if the outside area is also allowing use for little to not cost, it could still be Category A. This will be determined by the Executive Director of Operations. Teams/Groups of which PRSD participants are less than the majority will default to either Category A or Category


School groups and events*

ExamplePTO, PTA, and all Youth groups entirely comprised of Groveland, West Newbury, Merrimac - like Youth Sports, Boosters, PTO Events


Outside (non-PRSD) public schools





Any for-profit camps, clinics, and events from outside PRSD community. Examples: Nike Sports Camp, Dance Recital, College Sports Tournaments


Interior Spaces

GENERAL NOTE: For any/all events, based on the size/complexity of the event, additional staff may be required. This will be determined by the Executive Director of Operations

Athletic Spaces