Promotion Requirements

  • Academics at Pentucket have been designed to meet the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, enabling the high school to continue offering both challenging and comprehensive courses designed to prepare students for their future.

    Along with Graduation Requirements listed below, all students must pass the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) test battery in Science, Math and English in order to receive a diploma.


    Beginning with 9th grade, progress toward graduation depends upon the accumulation of credits. A minimum of 105 credits are required for graduation. Students’ programs are checked and rechecked to make certain that each student will have adequate credits to progress with his/her class. All students must have passed the State MCAS assessment to be eligible for a high school diploma. It is the joint responsibility of the school, student and parent to help each student to meet these requirements. Students should know their credit total to date and be certain of what courses they have completed in each required category.

    Promotion Requirements:

    In order to move from one grade level to another, the following yearly credit totals are as follows:

    • For entrance to Grade 10:
      • 25 credits including the successful completion of English, Math and Science from grade 9.
    • For entrance to Grade 11:
      • 50 total credits including the successful completion of English, Math and Science from grade 10.
    • For entrance to Grade 12:
      • 75 total credits including the successful completion of English, Math and Science from grade 11.
    • For graduation:
      • 105 total credits including the successful fulfillment of each category listed below:


    • 20 credits of English Literature,
    • 2.5 credits of Writing Lab


    • 10 credits of American History,
    • 5 credits of World History,
    • 2.5 credits of Politics and Philosophy
    • 2.5 elective credits

    (if a student takes AP US History they are only required to take 2.5 cr of World History and 2.5 cr of Politics and Philosophy)


    • 35 Credits of Math and Science Required
    • 15 or 20 credits of Math,
    • 5 credits of Biology,
    • 5 credits of Chemistry
    • 5 credits of other science (CAD I-4, Engineering I, II, Problem Solving, Anatomy & Physiology I, II, Sports Medicine I, II, Biomechanics, Organic Chemistry, Zoology, Oceanography, Marine Biology, Environmental Science, Forensics, Electricity, Bioethics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Physics)

    *students are encouraged to take 4 years of both math and science 


     10 credits


    The following courses count towards wellness when paired with a season of a sport:
    Sports Medicine I, Sports Medicine II, Anatomy & Physiology I, Anatomy & Physiology II  


    2.5 credits in Web Page Design, Digital Tech Literacy, CAD, Robotics, Game Design, Video Production, Music Production, Music Technology, Photography II, Digital Sculpture, Graphic Design, Invention, Digital Art, VHS/online course, or other computer based course 


    5 credits in visual art, theatre or music  


    Competency Determination in ELA, Math, and Biology  

    TOTAL Credits for Graduation

    105 Credits minimum, students should enroll in a minimum of 32.5 credits each year and are encouraged to participate in Internships, Job Shadows, Apprenticeships, Practicums and other activities that help to connect current learning with exploration of future careers and post high school education.

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