Operating Protocols

  • As elected members of the Pentucket Regional School Committee we are honored to accept the trust that has been placed in us to ensure that PRSD students experience the best education possible. To that end, we hereby commit to the following in the conduct of our business.


    • Establish a vision, create policies, and assure accountability to ensure continuous improvement in teaching and learning, while leaving day-to-day operations to the Superintendent and district staff.
    • Represent the needs, interests, and achievement of all students in the district and place these above all else in our decision-making process.
    • Assure accountability in the Superintendent evaluation process.
    • Clearly define success and accountability for the School Committee, Superintendent, staff, and students.
    • School Committee members understand that only the School Committee as a whole has authority; individual members may not act unilaterally. While debate and respectful dissent on issues are encouraged, all School Committee members are expected to support and uphold the decision of the majority once a vote is taken.
    • The School Committee values working collaboratively with town officials to improve our schools and will actively seek ways to enlist their support for our efforts.


    • School Committee members are expected to maintain the confidentiality of privileged information and to respect the Open Meeting Law.
    • Maintain trust and mutual respect between and among Committee members, the Superintendent, and staff, but treating everyone with dignity and respect, even in times of disagreement. Channel requests for information through the Superintendent (or his/her designee) and the Chairperson, rather than directly to staff. The Superintendent will make sure that each Member will have equal access to information in a timely manner and share information to the extent possible.
    • Refer constituent concerns to the appropriate person within the district chain of communication.
    • Recognize the importance of honoring our norms and protocols and agree to take responsibility for respectfully reminding each other when we get off track.


    Committee Members agree to:
    • Arrive well-prepared and ready to speak on agenda items
    • Follow Roberts Rules of Order
    • Speak only when acknowledged by the Chairperson
    • Keep comments succinct and on topic
    • Encourage critical thinking and respectful debate
    • Listen actively and keep an open mind
    • Maintain a positive attitude and presume positive intentions in others
    • Respect staff and fellow Committee members at all times