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Pentucket Regional School District is committed to the safety of students, staff, and the environment through the effective management of chemicals that eliminates or reduces exposure to the dangers and effects of hazardous chemicals. The Superintendent of Schools is responsible for enforcing the implementation of inventory, procurement, management, and disposal procedures for chemicals used in the Facilities Department.


Inventory and Disposal:

Annually, the Director of Facilities will conduct a district-wide inventory of chemicals/chemical products at each school. Disposal of outdated or unwanted chemicals/chemical products will follow protocols established and defined by the Occupations Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Safety Data Sheets (SDS).


The Director of Facilities approves chemical selections for use at schools. The SDS/Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) will be used to make determinations. Micro and green chemistry are implemented when possible. The least toxic chemical that is effective for the intended purpose is selected and approved.

The District Procurement Officer (Business Administrator) is responsible for implementing procurement procedures for chemicals/chemical products. All purchase orders for chemicals used by the department shall be approved by the Procurement Officer. The SDS/MSDS will be used to approve procurement.

Items donated to the school district or schools, such as hand sanitizers and other products, must be approved in the same manner as described above for procurement.

SDS/MSDS are available at each school and central office in any rooms where chemicals are stored. The SDS/MSDS books for facilities are updated annually by the Director of Facilities and as new chemicals are identified.


SDS/MSDS are located at each school and used to manage chemicals/chemical products. The inventory of chemicals will be utilized using a first-in, first-out sequence. Stock rotation is required to ensure that chemicals purchased first are used first. Areas where chemicals are in use will be properly ventilated, including classrooms and laboratories.

Only properly trained staff may use hazardous chemicals. Staff will receive annual training and, as required, certifications. Chemicals will be mixed and used according to the manufacturer's directions. Measuring devices or direct mixing systems are to be used. Any warnings and requirements for ventilation must be followed. When possible, the use of cleaning products should be limited to times when students are not present. Required notification procedures will be followed for use of chemical agents.


Storage of chemicals will follow criteria established in the SDS/MSDS and with the following conditions:

  • Proper ventilation will be implemented

  • Storage/areas/containers will be compatible with the chemicals being stored in them

  • Reactive chemicals will be stored in a manner and condition to prevent adverse interaction

  • Hazardous chemicals will be stored in locked areas at all times

  • All original containers will be labeled with the date received

Hazardous Material Spill:

Follow the guidelines in the PRSD Emergency Operations Plan which can be found in every classroom.


ADOPTED: February 28, 2017

FIRST READING: May 4, 2021

ADOPTED: June 1, 2021