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While the primary use of facilities is in support of educators and students as they engage in teaching and learning, the use of facilities by individuals, groups, and organizations is permitted provided that these individuals, groups and organizations are in support of the mission and vision of the District and that the mission and vision are not compromised. 

The District values the partnership of community members who support Pentucket’s academic, arts, and athletics programs. To that end, the following procedures will be used to request the use of facilities, secure approval, and make relevant payment. 

The Pentucket Regional School District Policy for Facilities Use does not supersede the regional or lease agreements. The procedures of the policy document conditions for use and a fee schedule. The fee schedule reflects the District’s priorities for use. 

Group 1 - Highest priority is given to school activities as designated by the Pentucket Regional School District; 

Group 2 - Community Education; 

Group 3 – District residents and non-profit status organizations; 

Group 4 – For-profit individuals, groups, organizations, and entities.


A permit to utilize school buildings, fields and portions thereof may be granted to  dance with the policies and procedures of the School Committee as set forth herein.


A request for the use of facilities is made by completing a PRSD Facilities Use Form. Facility availability may limit approval for requested permits for the use of facilities. All requests for use of a school building or outdoor facilities shall be submitted electronically at least ten (10) days in advance of the requested date to the Facilities Director. Technology requests require thirty (30) days of advanced notice to ensure support.

In no event shall the size of the group to be accommodated exceed the capacity specified in the certificate of occupancy. The request shall also list the name, address, and telephone number of the person or persons responsible for the activity. No person, group, or organization will be issued a permit for the use of facilities without agreement and compliance with required provisions in the PRSD Facilities Use Form.

Applications shall be submitted in writing to the Executive Director of Operations or his/her designee no less than one month prior to the scheduled event. The application shall provide evidence of compliance with MGL Chapter 385 (CORI).


Each and every request for a permit will be judged on its individual merits and on the availability of the facilities requested. Each proposed event must comply with the conditions of use herein listed. If approval is granted, a facility use permit will be issued by the Director of Facilities to convey approval of the request. Individuals, groups, or organizations with an outstanding balance due to the District for prior uses of the facilities shall not be approved for the use of facilities until the prior balance is remitted.

The District reserves the right to deny the use of a school facility when it deems such to be impractical or detrimental to the primary educational function of the building. If a request has been denied to use a school facility the person(s) have a right to appeal the decision to the School Committee.

Pentucket citizens and organizations shall have first preference for building use.

Applications shall not be granted for personal or family use and shall not be granted to minors.


1. No facilities use permit shall be issued until after the applicant provides, on a form satisfactory to the Director of Facilities, proof of body injury property damage insurance listing the Pentucket Regional School District as an additional named insured in the amounts of $25,000 per person, $100,000 per occurrence.

2. Neither the School Committee nor the Pentucket Regional School District makes any representation as to the conditions of the building or the equipment contained therein or as to the fitness of the building and equipment for a particular purpose.

3. The holder of the permit agrees to accept responsibility and liability for all damage to the facility and its contents.

4. The person who is sponsoring the activity and who is issued the permit for use of a facility or his/her designee must be present throughout the time the premises are being utilized. Designees must be identified at the time of the application for a permit. The person issued a permit will notify the Director of Facilities of any changes.

5. The sponsor is responsible for the decorum of the group and spectators utilizing the school premises.

6. The holder of the permit shall immediately, upon entering the building on the day/time of approved usage, contact the custodian and present the permit issued by the Director of Facilities. The custodian will be informed and directed to meet the permit holder.

7. Police protection shall be furnished by all organizations using the facility when required by the Pentucket Regional School District or regulations of the Town. The cost of the officers shall be paid by the using organization. The number and type of police required will be agreed upon by the using organization per the recommendations and requirements of the Town’s Police Department.

8. Spectators shall not be permitted to enter the building unless their presence was described and approved on the original request for use.

9. School facilities shall not be used by outside organizations when school is in session except in buildings where space is specifically designated for such purpose. To avoid conflict with school programming, facilities can generally be scheduled from 5:30 pm. – 9:00 pm. when school is in session.

10. No apparatus using electricity shall be connected to the electrical system of the building unless inspected and approved by the Director of Facilities.

11. All decorations, furniture, rubbish, and all other materials used in said activity and owned or generated by the sponsor shall be removed at the conclusion of the activity and within the time allocated for the use of facilities unless prior approval is granted. All decorations must be fire-resistant. The use of open flames and pyrotechnics is prohibited in all school facilities.

12. Classrooms shall not be used nor shall any equipment which does not belong to the sponsor holding the permit be used unless permission is specifically requested and approved.

13. The using organization shall not place or offer to place any nails, tacks, screws, or other fastenings in any part of the building or outside facility.

14. Sneakers must be worn on gymnasium floors when in use for all activities.

15. Compliance with restrictions for the use of outside facilities, including limitations for vehicles, skateboards, etc. and the use of footwear appropriate for the approved activity, shall be maintained by the sponsor.

16. No refreshments of any kind are to be served in the auditorium, gymnasium, or outside areas restricting food / beverages. All food must be eaten in the cafeteria unless permission is granted with the permit.

17. When the cafeteria is used by an outside organization, a cafeteria worker must be present during all of the time that the kitchen is being used. The $50/hour fee will be added to the permit fee.

18. The sponsor shall not permit any tobacco products, intoxicating beverages, or other controlled substances to be in or upon the premises.

19. Pianos shall not be moved from floors to platforms or from platform to floors except by regular piano movers at the expense of the sponsor using the building, and shall be returned to their original location. The sponsor using the building is responsible for the charges and the mover is to be selected by the Pentucket Regional School District.

20. It is agreed that the sponsor will follow the rules and regulations pertaining to individual buildings / facilities which will be part of the permit furnished.

21. The custodian shall make a report about any misuse of the building to the Director of Facilities. 

22. No permit shall be issued to persons under 18 years of age.

23. School facilities shall not be available for use by outside organizations prior to one hour after the official close of school unless it is established that the activity will not interfere with regularly scheduled school activity as determined by the Superintendent of Schools. Scheduled activities must conclude and facilities vacated by 9:00 pm. unless prior approval has been granted by the Director of Facilities.

24. The Pentucket Regional School District can limit the numbers of people allowed in the building for a particular event.

25. No signage shall be hung, placed, lettered, or otherwise applied on school properties related to events without written permission from the District.

26. The Pentucket Regional School District, with the superintendent as the acting agent, reserves the right to revoke any permit either before or during an event if circumstances arise which suggest the event will be different from the actual one proposed or that, in the opinion of the Pentucket Regional School District, the activities and/or size of the event may pose a potential hazard or become a threat to public health / public safety.

27. Cancellation: Twenty-four hours (one business day) notice is required from the sponsor to the Director of Facilities. The District may cancel the use of facilities at any time due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. The District reserves the right to cancel the use of the facility if school is canceled due to weather conditions.  In the event that the District cancels a permit, a full refund will be issued within two weeks.

28. The Executive Director of Operations, in granting an application, shall determine what level of cafeteria, custodial, and/or technology staffing shall be assigned to a function which is to take place while the building is already open and occupied as well as beyond normal school operating hours.


1. All support services must be requested via the PRSD Facilities Use Form. Added charges may apply for the use of equipment.

2. Potential costs for the use of technology, audio-visual, and other support services will be evaluated and reported to the applicant within five (5) business days. The $50 / hour fee will be added to the permit fee for each adult involved in site preparation or on-site support.


  1. Payments for the use of school facilities are to be made payable to the Pentucket Regional School district and are due five days after approval of the event unless otherwise arranged with the Executive Director of Operations’ Office.

  2. All payments must be made in full by check or money order payable to the Pentucket Regional School District and received at least ten business days preceding the event date, unless an alternative payment schedule is approved.

  3. All checks or money orders should be sent to the Business Office, 22 Main Street, West Newbury, MA.

  4. All questions concerning building use permits should be directed to the Director of Facilities (telephone: (978) 363-2280).

  5. When fees are applicable, charges are incurred for each approved permit.


Group 1 - School activities as designated by the Pentucket Regional School District

No fee

Group 2 - Community Education

Community Education programs supplement Pentucket’s core educational program by providing enrichment for students and can be conducted by public and private individuals, groups, or organizations.

Fee: A fee schedule will be negotiated with the Superintendent of Schools to ensure student costs are minimized.

Group 3 - District residents and community non-profit organizations

Non-profit status to be verified via the MA Secretary of State if the sponsor charges for admission to or participation in the proposed activity.

Fee: There is no fee for the use of facilities when school is in session, such as 5:30 – 9:00 pm. on weekdays and non-vacation days. There is a $40/hour for use of facilities on weekends/school vacations/ and other times when schools are not in session, with a three (3) hour minimum.

Group 4 –For-profit individuals, groups, organizations, and entities

Fee: Fees will be negotiated with the Superintendent of Schools to ensure equitable compensation for the use of facilities in relation to the organization’s generation of profit and impact on facilities.




LEGAL REF: MGL Chapter 385 – CORI

CROSS REF.: Policy ADDA-CORI; PRSD Policy KF - Community Use of Facilities    

Previous Adoption: March 22, 2022 (EBH)

Adopted: September 5, 2023